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JesterJokeIconThe SadJesterIcons are realized for Amiga in NewIcons format and take cue from those already, existing as the Phil Vedovatti's NewIcons (of which we use NewIcons4 programs taking advantage to visualize the new icons), the Team NewIcons and the GlowIcons of Matt Chaput. SadJesterIcons Example The several sets of icons differ essentially for the shape of the drawers, the number of used colours and little other elements. In a few time will be ready six sets, all drawed with Amiga. Five sets with 32 colours NewIcons standard palette (thought for no graphical card owners, who use Workbench with few colours) and a set with 256 colours thought expressly for graphical card owners who open Workbench to 16 or 24 bit.
Unlike the GlowIcons, the SadJesterIcons are in 36x40 format and never exceed these dimension, so they're less "cumbersome" and more usefull in situation without great resolution of screen. They're all freeware and is possible download them from these pages or from Aminet. The set is not still complete but, waiting the news. I will insert as soon as ready, it's however possible to capture the icons designed until now.
The several complete sets will be easy to set up using the same installer contained in the NewIcons4 packet. You must simply replace the directory "Icons" of NI4 with the new one before launch the installer, so it will provide to copy the new icons to the just place.
In a few time will be ready, complete sets for Amiga OS 3.5, too.

Red LED Aurora SetUPDATE AuroraSet Example is characterized from small drawers and a led, down on the left, to signal with various colours the kind of files in the directory, like the colorful bases of the standard NewIcons. The drawers have 32 NewIcons standard colours so as to take easy the remap without interfering with other NewIcons visualized, especially with few colours screen.

AuroraSet Variations Example Are available two variant of this set with a only different, shape of the led (triangular for the 'B' variant and rectangular for the 'C' Variant).

LED Rosso Paola SetUPDATE PaolaSet Example is similar to Aurora but don't have the led and the drawer handle have various colours (to signal the kind of files in the directory) and a special "glow" effect.

Red LED Ingrid SetNEW IngridSet Example has more larger drawers with the same down led of the previous set. It's a 32 NewIcons standard colours too.

Red LED Gelsomina SetPage under construction GelsominaSet Example is similar to Aurora but is uses 256 colours. Here will available also drawers of various colours to replace the led in it's function. These icons are expressly designed for graphical cards owners but they can turn out agreeable also on AGA screen with at least 64 colours.

Red LEDWorkbench GalleryPage under constructionis a page dedicated to your screenshot. Send me the grab of your Workbench with Sad Jester Icons!

Comment and suggestions you will e-mail me will be welcomes.


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