How many computer's possessory can say to have chosen their computer after taking information on what the market offers?
Probably not many. Nearly sure, most of them have been inquired reading rigorously "only PC" reviews, they have goed in he neighbour IBM compatible store and they have chosen what they like more, avoiding therefore to take in consideration the possibility to acquire an alternatives to "wintel" machines (in some cases we speak of advanced system more evolved), maybe more suitable to our requirements.
We choose, therefore, the best machine to our case, between all the systems in commerce and don't accept impositions from thers.
The monopoly in this field slackens the progress and give happines a few!
In the next page we deal about the system I've chosen for me:
In the page:
Red LED Macintosh Page Under Costruction we spoke about the most famous system, just as a name.
The page:
Red LED PC Page Under Costruction is dedicated to wintel machine.
In the section:
Red LED Psion Page Under Costruction we deal about the most famous palmtop computers.
In the section:
Red LED Other computers Page Under Costruction we deal about others old and new alternatives systems.


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