This page is dedicated to the machine with which I have created all this site. After alternate vicissitudes, failures (Commodore and Escom) and speculations (Viscorp), finally the society has been acquired from Gateway, solid house thet has given an impulse to the Amiga world.
The company name is Amiga International, and currently it has two models in list A1200, A4000T.
Recently it has been modernized the operating system Amiga to version 3,5. Currently, is taking care of the side software engaging the own resources in a new operating system AMIGA OS (for more informations about, go to site Amiga Inc.). In the meantime, some company, will produce a new hardware with PowerPc by Motorola.
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Red LED IconsUPDATE you will find icons for Amiga in NewIcons format (AOS 3.5 compatible), realized by myself.
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Red LED SoftwarePage Under Costruction you will find information on the Amiga software and programs realized by myself.


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