All the images in this section have been created by myself with an Amiga computer, able to visualize your ideas choosing always from a 16 millions colours palette also if you decide to work with a less number of colours. In this way it can be possible improve the images (all recorded in gif form) reducing the colours savede in the to the ones really used.. This file will be smaller for dimension but not for quality if you'll visualize it with an Amiga.
If you come in this site with a different computer you could see images with altered colours. In fact a normal PC to visualize a 16 colours immage always chooses from the standard palette, so two different nuances can be unified to the same nexter colour loosing details.
If you want to utilize the images included in this section but you don't have an Amiga computer you have to use a normal graphic program able to read files in gif form and increase the images visualisation colours before save every thing. In this way you'll have a bigger file but the same quality of image.
In the below page:
LED Green 2D draws you'll find a little gallery of images, some of them draw using a little numbers of colours but looking for the best rendering of final work (you judge).
In the below page dedicated of:
LED Green 2D animations you'll find some usefull creations for your futur works.
In the section:
LED Green Draws for WEB pages you'll find all you need to create your WEB pages. The images contained in this section have been created making attention to the dimension of the gif file considering that a WEB page must be graphically attractive but not too long to load on the browser with the risk to become boring.
In the end:
LED Green Animations for WEB pages some animations for you WEB pages created making attention of their final use.


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