Welcome to the Sad Jester's World. On this site, you'll find informations, software, useful web addresses, useful images, MIDI-files and more.
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Orange LED Music, you'll find MIDI-files, utilities for the Roland Sound Canvas expander, everything or almost everything about Marillion with Fish (a great musical band unknown to most), links to sites containing MIDI-files of classical music and much more.
In the section regarding:
Green LED Graphic you'll find a little gallery of 2D images, animations, useful images to create web pages and a set of useful images for different cases.
Follow this link for:
Red LED Computers. UPDATE We deal a little bit in the most diverse and interesting computers for sale, icons, programs, useful links and more.
Instead in the zone:
Purple LED Miscellaneous. There are some things not related to the preceding sections, among them you' ll find useful web addresses.
In the last section:
Blue LED Information you' ll find the names and faces of the author and the collaborators, with other informations about this site.
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This site is under costruction, and a lot sections will be added as soon as they're ready.
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